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Monday, November 1, 2010

GOOGLE :) :) :)

Today november 1st 2010. today in my period 4 class my favourite teacher Mr.Larkin told the class do you know that you can phone numbers of people on google and everyone stunned including me for a movement. not just find phone number where they live and where they calling from also he told and show the class that you can type the name of the any person in google. i went to check this on my computer to if he saying it right. i type my own name on google and it came up with my blog, facebook, and the twitter. after i typed this on google i was like wow google just my information within second. then i decided to type my friend in india that i haven't talk to him about 5 yrs after i came to us. (i not going display the name) i type my friend name on google i get alot results like facebook,orkut, and twitter. this is really awesome because i can find my friends from india by typing there name on google.

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